Sunday, March 4, 2012


Wow, what a show!  The Thunder Bay wedding show was a great success and I met alot of bride and grooms that expressed alot of interest in my fishing lure wedding favors!  Alot of outdoor weddings being planned this year!

Two very interesting proposals that I found very unique and would like to share!  One girls' boyfriend placed her engagement ring in a tackle box to find when she opened it,
much to her surprise!
Another boyfriend snagged his girls heart by tying the ring on the end of her  fishing rod which was discovered when she reeled in her line. 
Who said guys aren't romantic!

The cake dive was fun to watch as 5 girls, with all hands in, searched for a single ring that would have her win worth over $ 6000.00 in prizes.  The ring was eventually found in a piece of cake that was on the floor!

Well, I better start tying hooks....I am looking forward to making
these favors for all the fishing bride & grooms!

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